Stop Collapsing in the Clean  Olympic Weightlifting Technique

Stop Collapsing in the Clean Olympic Weightlifting Technique

September 30, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

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There are several possible reasons for collapsing when receiving cleans—far more than simply not having a strong enough trunk.

If you’re able to properly front squat with a quick descent and a bounce a weight that causes you to collapse in a clean, the issue is not one of strength or mobility primarily.

Anything that negatively affects balance, achieving an ideal front squat position, or staying connected to the bar is likely to cause collapsing.

The simplest way to look at correction is to put your body in the perfect front squat position and make the bar meet you there.

1. Brace forcefully, and brace harder as you receive the bar
2. Meet the bar in the turnover
3. Maintain balance in the pull
4. Bring the bar back to you in the turnover
5. Establish a secure, active rack position

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