Clean Segment Pull on Riser  Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Library

Clean Segment Pull on Riser Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Library

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*AKA* Pause clean pull on riser, deficit segment clean pull

The clean segment pull on riser is a clean pull with one or more pauses on the way up performed from an elevated platform.

Set the clean starting position tightly—it should be the same as from the floor, but with more knee and hip flexion. In other words, the same back angle but deeper—don’t simply hinge more at the hips.

Push with the legs through the whole foot against the floor similarly to a squat. Maintain even balance over the whole foot and actively keep the bar as close to the legs as possible.

Stop and hold in the first pause position for 1-3 seconds, ensuring proper position and whole foot balance. Move to the next pause position and repeat. After the final pause, complete the rest of a clean pull, then return the bar to the floor.

Common pause positions are right off the floor, below the knee, at the knee and mid-thigh.

The clean segment pull on riser is used to build strength for the pull of the clean, and to emphasize strength in the pause positions. The riser emphasizes strength in the pull from the floor and specifically to pull with the proper upright posture, ie leg strength. This may be to strengthen the typical weak points in the pull, such as being able to stay over the bar past the knee or not tip forward in the first pull, or to address specific weakness for a given lifter. The pauses make it easier for the athlete to feel and correct for improper position and balance, which means more training in the right ones

Generally the clean segment pull on riser should be done for 1-3 reps per set anywhere from 70%-90% of the lifter’s best clean depending on the lifter and the number of pauses. Newer lifters whose cleans are significantly limited by technique will likely need to pull much heavier percentages to adequately train strength in the pull, and the more pauses, the fewer reps per set are appropriate.

In any case, the weight should not exceed what the lifter can do with proper positioning and balance—not only will improper balance and positioning fail to improve the lifter’s performance, it will exacerbate the existing problem.

As a strength exercise, it should be placed toward the end of a workout, and because of its speed and technique elements, it’s usually best before more basic strength lifts like deadlifts and squats. This order can be reversed for lifters who need to emphasize squat strength over pulling strength.

The clean segment pull on riser can be performed with slow eccentrics (3-6 seconds typically), with a hold in the extended position, with flat feet at the top, with slow concentrics in the lower range to emphasize control over posture and balance, with a static or dynamic start, with or without straps, and many other possibilities.

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