Run the Test 07 — Up and Over, ‘22 CrossFit Games

Run the Test 07 — Up and Over, ‘22 CrossFit Games

March 26, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

“Fitness is more than just engine.”

A mere two hours after a grueling test up the Capitol steps, individual athletes took on Up and Over — a classic CrossFit workout that tested athletes’ ability to move well and efficiently under fatigue.

In this episode of “Run the Test,” Competition Director Adrian Bozman takes us through the inspiration and design behind Individual Event 6 of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

Learn the importance of training high-level skills in various ways and navigating movements and challenges with proper technique.

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0:00-1:18 – Up and Over Introduction
1:18-1:58 – 10 General Physical Skills Applied
1:58-3:22 – Testing Up and Over at Rogue
3:22-5:00 – Implementing the Log For All Ages
5:00-6:09 – Fitness Is More Than Just Engine
6:09-6:58 – Performing Under Fatigue
6:58-7:50 – Bozman’s Final Thoughts on the Event

Run the Test is a 10-part docuseries that brings the curious and interested inside the mind of lead programmer of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games — Competition Director and Certified CrossFit Coach Adrian Bozman.

Go behind the scenes with Boz as he takes you through the process of designing the tests for the CrossFit Games and illuminates the CrossFit methodology that powers the Ultimate Test of Fitness.

Executive Producer: Johnathan Haynes
Producer: Emily O’Hearn
Directed by: Michael Dalton

Sam Beriault
Vinicius Bouquet
Richard Bloomer
Brandon Casey
Michael Dalton
Lillian Fuentes
Michael Koslap
Lise McCracken
Barnaby Riggs

Production Assistants:
Hillary Fraser
Taylor Jordan
John Ortega

Aerial Footage:
Richard Bloomer
Marcus Brown
Samuel Li
Ian Tunney

Graphic Design:
Erin Garcia

Motion Graphics:
Michael Dalton
Erick Diaz

Archival Content:
Griffin Shaffer

Daisy Lennox
Kelley Laxton

Edited by:
Michael Dalton
Lise McCracken

On Location In:
Columbus, Ohio
Madison, Wisconsin
Nashville, Tennessee